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Pure water. Pure genius.


Grounded and Cured, as written by my friend LtCol David "T-Bone" Trombly provides bold insight: a roadmap for those of us searching for that which we don't know. Have you ever felt like a “blind man in a dark closet looking for a black hat?" This book will open your mind to fully capture what is possible.


Dave and I quickly became friends shortly after he found his cure. I was blessed with Dave's enthusiasm for living a life of what's possible. As an old Army veteran, I often lived by Pathfinder's Logic which is simply defined as "Where am I?, Where am I going?" and "How am I going to get there?" Everything about T-Bone's journey in life has followed that logic. In great detail Grounded and Cured will guide you through those often unanswered questions of what we don't know. 

Dave and I met one evening at the Officer’s Club, Naval Station Newport Rhode Island. That one night of reminiscence changed my life philosophically forever. It was on that night that I found my purpose. The three things discussed that significantly stood out in my mind about his fight with cancer were 1) “It's in what we eat, 2) and the water we bathe in and drink, 3) combined with a profound relationship of hope and faith with our Lord.” Pretty simple isn't it? Bing! My light switch turned on and with laser-like focus my purpose became WATER.


Dave had absolute conviction that part of his cure was to remove those toxic chemicals invading his body through what we drink and what we absorb in our showers. It was on that night that Dave and I put together a plan of action to educate and provide to the public the essential value of purified water. With Dave's research and commitment, the genesis of AquaOx, the Whole House Water Filter, would become that household name with the purpose to rid our bodies of chemical toxins for a healthier life. Still going strong since 2005, AquaOx has served thousands of households for those who seek a healthier lifestyle. 

In Grounded and Cured Dave speaks to... "Right now, there was no retreat... I had to fight." When I looked at the choices for water in our homes, I knew then that we had to fight for our families and our communities. Our cities do their best to provide water using a chemical process treating water to safely bring into our homes. And for those on well water, the earth tries to do its best at filtering impurities. But it's not always enough. Any filter is better than no filter, and with Dave's testimony, our company AquaOx has benefited thousands of families under a “live clean, live green” concept.


AquaOx, Inc. (President)

Our family has had the security and peace of mind in knowing we have had the purest possible water from every faucet in our home for over two decades. Educating families about PURE Water and how to acquire it is my passion.


I have known Michael Corcoran, the owner of AquaOx, since before the company's inception. There is no one in the water purification industry that I trust more. I have had the privilege of assisting hundreds of families achieve the purest water possible in their homes with the support of Michael and his team of professionals at AquaOx.


I am truly grateful for our friendship and our shared passion as well as the cutting-edge products, customer support, and the leadership AquaOX brings to the water purification industry!


Grounded and Cured (Author)


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