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In Grounded and Cured, the reader gets a play-by-play recounting of USMC F/A-18 fighter pilot LtCol David Trombly's and his wife Megan’s courageous story of learning about David’s terminal cancer diagnosis, making the decision to find unconventional treatment, and discovering an unprecedented resolve to stay the course.


Because they chose the route of alternative medicine instead of the conventional, the entire Trombly family rerouted the old ways they had thought about health and nutrition.

This new lifestyle that was thrust upon this young family became ingrained family habits, many of which they have followed for going on twenty years.


Over the years, Megan has developed and fine-tuned treatments that span a wide range of naturopathic knowledge that she has been able to teach and provide others.


Megan provides this accumulated wisdom under the banner of The Wellness Marketing Corporation which is the family company. 



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